SIKH PHILOSOPHY KI HAI Te Hor Lekh (It has 20 precious essays on Sikh philosophy, Sikh culture and Sikh way of life. Most of the material given in this book is not available in any other book). This is perhaps the only book on the Sikh Culture. The essays include: what is Sikh culture, the Sikhs and hair, beard, moustach, turban, kirpan, the Sikh festivals, the Sikh marriage, Sikhism and sin, death in Sikhism, the Sikh nomenclature, the Sikh way of life, how to visit a Gurdwara, 20 attributes of a Sikh, what is Sikh philosophy, who is a Sikh, practicing Sikhism, Siropao, Sikh national anthem etc. This is an indispensable book on the subject.

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