Summary of Japu(ji) Sahib

[Stanza-wise summary of Japuji Sahib]

Japu(ji) Sahib begins with Sikh doctrine about God. God is but One. He is The Ultimate Truth. He is The Creator of the whole Creation. He is fear-free. He loves all (hates none). He is beyond Time (Time too was Created by Him). He is beyond birth or death. He is self-created. He can be realised through the Grace of the Guru (Enlightener).
Only He is the Ultimate Truth from the Beginning, through the Ages and shall remain so for ever.

(How to become self-realised?).
1. One can not become self-realised by bathing in so-called sacred rivers, silent meditation, richness of wealth, intellectual ventures etc.. These activities are of no avail in bringing a end to false ego (which is an obstacle to become self-realised). It is only "surrendering one's will to God's will which can make one self-realised".
2. The whole of the creation is controlled by Him. Life and death, joy and sorrow, bondage and liberation is the Will of God. One who realises His Will joins the process of self-realisation.
3. Innumerable human beings throughout Ages have been trying to express His Greatness. None has been able to explain as none can perceive the Might of God.

(How can one become true devotee?)
4. God is the Giver of everything so one can't offer anything to Him in order to please Him. To please Him one has to speak in His language i.e. love and devotion. Bondage (life) and liberation are due to His Grace and Blessing.
5. God is self existent and is present everywhere. He loves His devotees. Those who worship Him, the Treasure of Excellences, are blessed with spiritual pleasure. Guru (the Enlightener) enriches us with the Divine Knowledge. This Knowledge leads to liberation.
6. Rituals and practices don't please Him. His devotion is the real ritual. In the whole of Creation none can get anything without His Grace. The Guru (the Enlightener) can acquaint us with Divine Knowledge.
7. Long life, wealth, power, name and fame are vanity. Such worldly achievements are lower than the love of a petty person for God.

(What happens when we become devotees of God?)
8. Those who get completely absorbed in His Name, are always in bliss. They achieve spiritual heights and learnt the mystery of omnipresence and omnipotence of the Almighty and thus, they become free from the fear of death.
9. With absorption in His Name evil mind changes its ways and one begins receiving Divine Knowledge.
10. With absorption in His Name one becomes contented. It is like bathing in real sacred waters of the real spiritual shrines. In this state one chooses peace of mind instead of fame and material power.
11. In final stage of absorption in His Name, the devotee successfully crosses the vast and dreadful ocean of confusion.

(What is the state of those who surrender their will to the Will of the Almighty)
12. The greatness of those who have complete faith in (and act upon) Him can not be explained.
13. Surrender to His Will makes one spiritually enlightened. Such persons go beyond the fear of sufferings and death.
14. One who surrenders to His Will gets so absorbed in Him that no obstacle can lead him astray.
15. Surrender to His Will brings an end to all those causes which create breach between Almighty and man. Such persons liberate themselves and even help liberating others.

(Can 'real devotees' learn everything about the Creation of Almighty?):
16. Real devotees are loved and honoured by Almighty. Such beings are like the messengers of God. Their only love is devotion of God.
Even such persons (real devotees) can not learn everything about the creation. Amy claim to know about His creation is like making the childish statement that a bull is balancing the earth. It is compassion, patience, contentment and righteousness which is holding the earth (and not the mythical bull). The vastness of earth (and earths) is so much that none except the Almighty can control it. The Almighty created this vast, known and unknown (to human mind), creation with His One Word. How can a human being explain His design. One can but sing the praise of Almighty.
17. Countless saints, writers, books of knowledge, devotees, men of piety, benefactors, warriors and other beings adore and love the Almighty.
18. On the other hand there are countless foolish and wicked persons, sinners and liars, dirty people and slanderers who have been leading negative life since the creation.
19. God has created several worlds. One can convey a lot in different languages. We praise God too in some language (it may be the language of love). But, there is no language which can account the Greatness of God and His Creation (His Mystery).

How to fulfill breach between God and man ?:
20. Virtuous and vicious are not mere terms. Righteousness is virtue and wickedness is vice. To become virtuous one has to meditate upon the Name of God. Our life in this world is pre-destined. Our actions will be evaluated by God.
21. Pilgrimage, penance, alms-giving don't grant His favour. It is only by listening and acting upon His Word that one can understand God. Even after becoming "true devotee" one can not understand the secrets of His Creation. No religious leaders or philosophers have been able to know His Mystery. Only He knows about His Greatness.
22. There are countless earths, skies and underworlds (planets). [Guru Nanak Sahib was the first person to reveal several scientific truths about astronomy and several other scientific issues.] Human mind and its expressions are limited and thus, they can not explain or account the mystery of God.
23. Though meditation does not grant power to human beings to know His Mystery, but, it makes one spiritually powerful and precious. In comparison to such a being even the mighty emperors are petty beings.
24. None can explain the Greatness of God. When one learns some thing about the Greatness of God. More we learn, the Mystery (of Greatness) of God become more and more complex and enormous. To learn about all this one has to be Great like Him (and that is impossible). He alone knows of His Greatness.
25. What to talk of His Mystery, we can not explain even His Gifts, Bounties, Blessings. All the big and famous beg every thing from Him. He showers His gifts even if we don't request. On the other hand ungrateful beings don't acknowledge it and all this leads to suffering. One can get rid of suffering by meditation. Liberation and bondage are in His hands. Only foolish deny it.
26. Throughout Ages several intellectuals and holy persons have tries to account His Excellences but none has succeeded in doing so. His Blessings, Gifts and Excellences are so priceless and countless that none except Himself can ever know it. Those who claim any knowledge are foolish and hypocrites.
27. God is watching and administering the whole of His Creation. It is beyond human beings prowess to know even about His Abode and His Court. We can infer His Might from the vastness of His Creation. The whole of His Creation sings His Glory and Greatness. The best course for human being is to abide by His Will.
28. Purpose of human life is to meditate upon His Name. Meditation leads to union with Him.
Performing Yoga can not lead to union with God. Contentment, honest earning, chastity of mind, humility, control over mind i.e. truthful living are real Yoga.
29. Divine Knowledge, compassion, listening to His Word (and living life in accordance with His Word) are helpful in union with God. On the other hand desire for supernatural and occult powers are obstacles in union with God. Human beings have a pre-destined life span. This short life-span is useful if we surrender our will to God.

How does meditation help human beings?:
30. Divine Knowledge teaches us that it is only God who is the Creator, the Sustainer and the Destroyer and the concept of any Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh the three mythical gods/ Maayaa) is mere illusion. God is present every where. He constantly watches the whole of His Creation but none can see Him. We can feel Him by meditating upon His Name.
31. He Created the whole of the Creation with His One Word. He fills the treasures in all His worlds. He is always taking care of His Creation. One understands all this if one meditates upon His Name.
32. Human beings are absorbed in Maayaa which is obstacle in union with God. The solution to this is to utter His Name , to adore Him and to surrender one's will to Him. Ceaseless practice of this process leads to union with God.
33. Meditation must not give us the feeling that we have become entitled to union with God. One must understand that one can't take birth, nor die, nor meditate, nor obtain worldly power, nor acquire Divine Knowledge, nor liberation by oneself. All this can be acquired through His Grace. Meditation is only a step towards union with Him.

Five steps/regions before entering the gate of spiritual home:
34. Before entering the spiritual home one has to pass through five regions/steps. The first is the stage of region of Righteousness: One has been blessed with human life with a mission. Every one shall be judged according to one's actions. Those who live truthful life shall be accepted to join the second plane.
35. The second region is the region of Divine Knowledge. Divine Knowledge teaches that there are endless forms of galaxies, planets, worlds, gods, devotees etc. With the opening of horizon of knowledge one is purged of ignorance. It leads to spiritual bliss and love for God.
36. From region of knowledge one enters the region of Endeavour. Righteousness and Knowledge lead one to make efforts to become a part of the spiritual family. This leads to spiritual, intellectual and aesthetic heights. This state of transformation is beyond explanation.
37. Grace is the fourth region. Righteousness, Knowledge and Endeavour may lead to Grace of the Almighty. At this stage one become dis-attached from Maayaa. Devotee become so absorbed in God that nothing can, now, create delusion. One finds God in one's whole being.
38. The final region is the region of Truth. This the gate to spiritual home of a human being. This home is achieved after truthful life, humility, knowledge, meditation, service of humanity, love for God and His Creation. All this can be obtained by His Blissful Grace. After this one lives ever in Bliss.

All the world is a stage. God has granted human beings with spiritual environment and material facilities. We are playing our roles in this world. All our actions are being watched and evaluated. Those who live their life of attachment with Maayaa they have not achieved their mission of life and their strife continues. Those who ahve meditated upon His Name, have loved Him and have lived truthful life, shall attain liberation. Many more are liberated through such devotees.


JAPU(JI) SAHIB - in nutshell

Japu(ji) Sahib was written by Guru Nanak Sahib(1469 - 1539), the founder of Sikh religion.

Japu(ji) Sahib is an answer to the question: "How to become sachiaar (truthful or self-realised) ?". OR How can the breach between God and human being be removed ? The answer is : By living a truthful life and by surrendering one will to God's Will, one can become self-realised. Rituals, so-called sacred places, yoga etc. don't help.

When one meditates upon His Name and learns something about Divine Knowledge, one becomes true devotee. Such a devotee becomes dis-attached from Maayaa. However, it does not mean that a true devotee shall know about everything of God's Mystery. One should not try even to account the Power or Excellences of God. Instead of confusing oneself in such questions one should be practical. True devotion is the real philosphy. Devotion can lead to fill the breach created by Maayaa between God and human being.

Rituals, Philosophy, occult power etc are not helpful in the process of union with God. Only true devotion helps in union with God. This brings an end to false ego.

When false ego disappears, one learns the purpose of his existence in this world. To such a person the whole of the universe looks like his own family. Human love, purity of mind, contentment, righteousness, Divine Knowledge, noble fear of God and love for God, surrendering one's will to His Will, help one to become self-realised.

Japu(ji) Sahib explains about the state, situation and status of the human beings. The scientific truth of God's Creation too has been explained. Several issues of astronomy, philosophy, sociology have been, for the first time, explained in Japu(ji) Sahib.

Japu(ji) Sahib is the epitome of Sikh philosophy. In succinct form, it explain man, purpose of life and a process as to how should one fulfill his role in this world.


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