The method of installing TrueType fonts is described below.

1. Start the Control Panel program by clicking its icon. In Windows 95/98, Control Panel may be displayed by double clicking the "My Computer" icon to view the contents inside "My Computer" window. In Windows 3.x, the user can find it in the Main group.

2. In the Control Panel group, click the "Fonts" icon to display the Fonts dialog box.

3. If using Windows 95/98, do the following:

a. From the File menu of Fonts window, choose the "Install New Font" command to display the Add Fonts window.
b. From the Drives drop-down list select the drive letter and directory where you have downloaed the fonts to.
c. In the Folders list box, click the Fonts folder to display the font names in the "List of fonts:" list box.
d. Check the "Copy fonts to Fonts folder" check box.
e. Click the "Select All" button to select all the listed fonts.
f. Click the "OK" button.

Fonts: GurbaniLipi GurbaniLipiLight

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