Famous Sikh Writers & Anti Sikh Writers

Theology: Bhai Gurdas, Bhai Nand Lal, Bhai Mani Singh, Bhai Vir Singh, Prof. Gurmukh Singh, Giani Dit Singh, Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, Dr. Sher Singh, Bhai Jodh Singh, Prof. Sahib Singh, Bhai Randhir Singh, Sirdar Kapur Singh, Dr. Surinder Singh Kohli, Dr. Taran Singh, Dr. Darshan Singh, Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer, Dr. Jodh Singh, Dr. Wazir Singh, Sirdar Daljeet Singh etc.

History: Bhai Sainapati, Bhai Koer Singh, Bhai Sukkha Singh, Bhai Kesar Singh Chhiber, Bhai Swarup Singh Kaushish, Bhai Sewa Singh, Bhai Ratan Singh Bhangu, Bhai Santokh Singh, Giani Gian Singh, Baba Prem Singh Hoti, S. Karam Singh Historian, Dr. Ganda Singh, Dr. Kirpal Singh, Akali Kaur Singh, Principal Teja Singh, Giani Lal Singh, Prof. Harbans Singh, Prof. Kirpal Singh, Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer, Dr. Gurmit Singh Sirsa, S. Gurratan Pal Singh, S. Sohan Singh Josh, Giani Tarlok Singh, Dr. Gurbachan Singh Nayyar, Dr. Dalip Singh, Dr. Madanjit Kaur, Principal Pritam Singh, S. Jagjit Singh, Giani Kesar Singh, S. Jasbir Singh Sarna etc.

Poetry: Bhai Gurdas, Bhai Nand Lal, Bhai Vir Singh, Prof. Puran Singh, Bhai Hira Singh Dard, S. Teja Singh Sabar, S. Vidhata Singh Tir, S. Piara Singh Nirshal, S. Ram Narayan Singh Dardi, S. Pritam Singh Safeer, Dr. Sadhu Singh Hamdard, S. Sohan Singh Seetal, Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer, Prof. Sher Singh Kanwal, S Ajit Singh Rahi, S. Jasbir Singh Sarna, S. Gajinder Singh etc.
Fiction: Bhai Vir Singh, Master Tara Singh, Bhai Lal Singh Kamla Akali, Bhai Nanak Singh, Bhai Sujan Singh, Giani Kesar Singh, S. Karam Singh Zakhmi, Giani Bhajan Singh, Giani Tarlok Singh, Dr. Dalip Kaur Tiwana, Mrs. Ajit Kaur etc.

Others:- Akali Kaur Singh, Giani Garja Singh, Dr. Harnam Singh Shan, Dr. Diwan Singh, Sirdar Piara Singh Padam, S. Manohar Singh Marco, Dr. Jasbir Singh Mann, Sirdar Ajit Singh Bagha, S. Sarup Singh Narang, etc.
Anti-Sikh Writers and Propagandists:- Bute Shah, Earnest Trump, Shardha Ram Phillauri, W. H. McLeod (New Zealand) [known to be the ring-leader of the Anti-Sikhism School], J. S. Grewal, Sujit Hans, Harjot Oberoi, Pishaura Sinh, Jasbir S. Ahluwalia, Amrita Imroz (formerly Amrita Pritam), Gurinder Maan, Ian Mulgrew (Canada), Rudy Thomsen (Denmark) etc. These propagandists have been collaborated by Khushwant Singh, Patwant Singh, Piara S. Bhogal, Jaswant S. Kanwal, Mohinder Singh (Delhi), S.S.Dhanoa, I. J. Singh (New York) etc. In fact, with the exception of Dr. Noel Q. King, most of the non-Sikh writers, while writing about the Sikhs, have collaborated with the "Anti-Sikhism School" in one or another manner. There is another conspiracy of propaganda against the Sikh religion: in the name of Sikh studies, chairs have been established in the universities at Toronto, Vancouver, Michigen, New York, California etc.and the associates of Anti-Sikhism School have been appointed there apparently with the intention of production and promotion of blasphemous and malicious writings against Sikhism. There seems to be an international anti-Sikhism movement. Some famous publication houses including Oxford University Press, the Penguins and Cambridge University Press seem to be ever ready to publish each and every book produced by "Anti-Sikhism School", in spite of the fact that those works have no commercial or academic value.

Entires about Sikhism, in Encyclopaedia Britannica and several other encyclopaedias, which have been written by the persons mentioned above are mischievous, most of the material is inaccurate, distorted and concoted. All this is a part of some international conspiracy against the Sikhs.

For comprehensive information read books:

McLeod…. As scholars of Sikh studies
By Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon
Another book by Dr Trilochan Singh

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